Christmas Beers

Santa already delivered a few Christmas beers for us to try out...

To find out more about these beers, read on...

Most recent update: 2th November 2018


Barbe Noël 24x33 cl

Brewdog santa Paws 24x33 cl

Bush Noël 24x33 cl

De Vos X-mas 24x33 cl

Fantome Hiver 12x75 cl

Fantome Noël 12x75 cl

Gauloise Christmas 24x33 cl

Goliath Winter 24x33 cl

Gordon Xmas 24x33 cl

La Moneuse Special Winter Ale 12x75 cl

Liefmans Glühkriek 12x75 cl

Leffe Winter 24x33 cl

Lupulus Hibernatus 24x33 cl

Moinette Bons Voeux 24x37.5 cl

Moinettte Bons Voeux 12X75 cl

N’ice Chouffe 12x75 cl

N’ice Chouffe 24x33 cl

Pater Lieven Kerst 24x33 cl

Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Ale 24x33 cl

Rulles Meilleur Voeux 12x75 cl

Santa Bee 24x33 cl

Spencer trappist Holiday Ale 24x33 cl

St.Bernardus Christmass 12x75 cl

St.Bernardus Christmass 24x33 cl

St Feuillien Cuvée de Noël 24x33 cl 

Stone Xocoveza cans 24x33 cl

Tournay de Noël 24x33 cl

Tsjeeses 24x33 cl

Tsjeeses Reserva 24x33 cl

Tungri 24x33 cl

Winterkoninkske 24x33 cl

Winterkoninckske Grand Cru 6x75 cl