Our 700m² Beer Paradise has everything you need when it comes to quenching your thirst. From the most famous belgian lagers to Trappist beers, Abbey beers and Stouts. From Fruit beers, Artisanal Kriek and Gueuze to some extremely bitter IPA's. Recently, we have broadened our range to some foreign specialties as well. Beers from the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and quite a lot from Germany - Did you ever try "Smoked Beer" ?

All the beers are sorted by Brewery, with a special aisle for Kriek and Gueuze. Don't find what you're looking for ? Just ask us, and we will help you find it or provide you with more information.

Next to this extremely wide range of beers and its proper glassware we also carry an assortment of waters, juices, sodas, wines, champagnes and liquors. Stop by to buy beer baskets and other presents!

Oh, and don't forget to stop by often. We change our assortment on a regular base!